Beyond the Basics Rigid Heddle Weaving - Finger Controlled & Pick Up Patterns

$ 40.00

Remember when you were learning to weave and your shuttle accidentally went over the wrong warp thread, resulting in a loop on the top of your fabric? In this class, we will use a pick-up stick to manipulate the warp threads and purposely create those loops in a pattern, known as warp and weft floats. From loops to lace to texture, we’ll explore techniques to highlight your rigid heddle weaving and turn that plain fabric sampler into something even more remarkable. Previous experience with basic weaving required. Please arrive at class ready to have fun and with your loom warped (light-medium colored yarn, 8” - 10” weaving width, at least 45” warping length). For the warp yarn, it needs to pass the “pull test”: if the yarn snaps or drifts apart when firmly pulled, then it isn’t suitable for warp. Additional materials: 175 yards yarn for weft (various colors and weights), 2 shuttles, one pick up stick, a few yards of smooth scrap yarn, and a tapestry needle.

Loom Rental: $15 (Please select and add to cart if needed)          

Instructor: Tracy Griggs      


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